Welcome to the Science of Representational Reality
Welcome to the Science of Representational Reality

Welcome to the Science of Representational Reality

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The crux of the matter…

On a practical, day-to-day level, one key shift of relational and eventually computational prowess will allow to blossom the collective embrace of reality as collectively representational. In so doing, humanity will finally be able to effectively address (dys)functions of the various narrative-based or conceptual reality models humans currently entertain.

The shift can be summarized this way. When faced with ambiguity, we

  • seek redundancies (lump things, such as apply or create a categorical label or memory)
  • conceal lack of clarity (in understanding or intent) by lying, “putting on airs”, sounding alarms and more.

Yet there is one more layer paramount to the others. The struggle to resolve ambiguity, amplified in its effect by the modern globalization and information boon, has led to deep-seated and seemingly intractable psycho-social and social-cultural challenges.

Due to the human ability to problem-solve in part by imagining other possibilities, we are able to yet also unable to perceive how we collaboratively hone preferred or limited imagination in ourselves and others. Because of the representational nature of reality, we chokehold each other through “otherwise” (problem) orientation. In grappling with ambiguity - including unknown context and things outside of our direct control - to constrain what can be imagined by others, we:

  • turn unresolved ambiguity into tension (internal and external)
  • adopt interpretations, beliefs and routines that inhibit the inherent generativity of representational reality through emotions, thoughts and habits that react to the representational limits others present to us
  • in efforts to diminish crushing levels of ambiguity in modern times, interact with others in ways that likely unwittingly limit the possibility for generative choices

It can be incredibly difficult for individuals to directly perceive how this is happening and how the effects systematically and predictably amplify from psycho-social to socio-cultural phenomena. Individuals perceive unresolved ambiguity as “irrational”. Yet it is not. This creates intensely puzzling psycho-social phenomena because the underlying logic at play is not egoic or naive.

It is timeless, participatory logic. The figures and essays representing here as Outer Kaleidoscope, Inner Compass (OKIC) communicate it. Be sure though, it will strike you as a puzzle.

Another way to conceive of the predicament we face in accepting reality as representational, even timeless. Consider the bittersweet case that reality can be both wholly representationally consistent and a generator of unnecessary suffering and burden. It all makes sense though, if we are unwitting in our participation with ambiguity-perplexed logic binds that are self-reinforcing.

Broadly, this phenomena too parallels modern human’s experience of being “time-bound”, where time itself seems to serve as our sole shared participatory framework. Yet having a single-pointed focus on time-constrainedness as our shared reality has reached the breaking point.

Applying the science of representational reality, we stand to reconnect with the human capacity for collective generativity. OKIC is your guide to seeing what is realistically, optimally possible when it comes to co-creating by relating via representational reality. This, by understanding what, beyond time, is re(present)able and realistically synchronizing us with all of creation.

In the same way DNA revolutionized medicine so as to enhance human insight on the health of living beings, the science of representational reality revolutionizes information to (re) generate syncing of human systems, including natural language, socio-cultural phenomena and computational functions, through the timeless natural complex processes that underlie existence.
What OKIC is not
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Self-help advice
  • Nonsense, woke or conspiratorial
  • Pseudo-science
  • Special dispensations from an alien race
What OKIC is
  • A phenomenological invention, that is, based on logic available through the scientific pursuit of observing and researching observations by others of real phenomena in different contexts. Protected intellectual property.
  • A work of generalizable intelligence, rendered here via minimally inscribed and colorized geometric templates and other figurative means
  • A multidisciplinary wonder
  • An interdisciplinary exercise
  • Realistically optimistic

Figure Libraries

If you want the figures “in context”, read essay collections below.

It is totally acceptable to browse and consider them independent of the essays.

Core IconographyCore IconographyGeometric WireframesGeometric WireframesMust-See Catalogue of Curios Mysterioscope SeriesMysterioscope Series🌐Wider Mappings [a sampling]🏷️Figure tags
While the express vibe-constraint of the Figure Libraries above and the Everyman's Essay Collection below is human psycho-social dynamics, nothing is missing as far as applicability to broader contexts of all sorts. Since OKIC is based on a timeless, algorithmic set of complex parameters, the reader’s direct experience of the figurative content of OKIC holds the foundation for nearly unfathomable capacity for synchronizations among fields of study, and among groups otherwise separate or divided. The Science of Representational Reality simply (and paradoxically) begins with reality as representational and realistic representation an objectively pursuable goal. The same dynamics and timeless interweaving with representational reality bear equally relevant (though with relatable field-specific natural language expressions) to time-constrained reality, as well as any other meaningfully-constrained system.

Everyman’s Essay Collection

A personal psycho-social exploration to embrace reality's shared, timeless representational features. The Curios and Mysterioscope figures (from toggle above) appear in the essays below.

🧗🏽‍♂️Everyman’s Essay Collection
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