Table | Development through ambiguity so otherwiseness transmutes

Other-awareness age 6-8, aka “Theory of Mind”
Rational thought tween to early teens
“Other people have thoughts and mental constructs that are also true!? It’s fascinating to wonder what theirs might be and orient to making ours respond to each other no matter my prior expectations about the context.”
“I have come to understand that I’m not in charge of others’ thoughts, only my own. I can see mistakes and am interested to avoid these, as well as aim for certain outcomes. It makes sense now to use my other-awareness to apply assumptions about what others will do so I can effectively apply my thoughts (counterfactually) and thereby gain a measure of control over outcomes.”
New representational techniques are grasped: masking and shielding others’ masks of us
New representational techniques are grasped: Control-conform dynamics and shielding others’ control-conform of us
Otherwiseness (to deal with ambiguity among others) occurs when natural System-Self of young childhood is replaced with exploring the interplay of Self-In-Tension to System-Ex-Tension
Otherwiseness (to deal with ambiguity and the need for prediction) is from natural context-sensitivity for self-direction to Truth-seeking self-direction