Set [Card game invented by geneticist]

Choice-constrained relational modeling as, counterintuitively, a dynamic source for perception, memory, and other integrations involving direct cognitive encounters with the world. From a starting set of constraints, there’s limitless gameplay within the invariant structure.

Table below shows invariant features and

  • Makes clear the baseline perceptual conditions one can expect to encounter.
  • Represents the set of abstract conditions that must be remembered to play/engage the wider perceptual game. “Remembering” of this sort would seem to have a special role.
  • Totally boring, unengaging compared to the act of playing Set as a variant game, where players combine perceptual features to form complex sets from 12 random cards from shuffled deck of 81 cards.
  • Colors correspond to Outer Kaleidoscope, Inner Compass (OKIC) schema by same author