More details for computing, other technology and formal systems professionals

More details for computing, other technology and formal systems professionals

The OKIC content library is a geometrically, linguistically, and fundamentally relationally expressed language of reality that at its core (think hidden Markov Model) achieves a matrix/category/group/set of representational generality*. Think of it as timeless, relational DNA. Through it, content (or philosophically and developmentally, “objects”) are integrated via various forms of ambiguity-busting, context-sensitive containers, and memory-enhancing tags. While a vast oversimplification, this hopefully gives you a sense of the purpose of what appears at first as just a bunch of shapes.

I do not attempt to articulate the connection between the specific geometric figures you encounter and mathematics since the later is beyond my specialization. I’m one human being blessed with a useful, uniquely-grounded perspective on reality. Notably, I observe that the very capacity I have cultivated to arrive at that perspective means I do not tend to “reason” at length the way others day, likely due to timelessness and generalizability being central to its subtle but profoundly impactful functioning.

The science behind OKIC accomplishes what it does (generating meaningful connections to reality) through the natural representational and shared co-creative (generative) capacity of reality. Regarding its underlying complex data set, I can cite a few hopefully totally unsurprising principles:

  • Everything is scaling and layered
  • Processes are autocatalytic, self-reinforcing, and feedback oriented
  • Non-linear functions are as robust as linear ones
  • The structure reflects felt experience, conditions of Being, and shared reality
  • Being tied to verbal expression, it’s map-able to things outside the linguistic ”maps” in our heads, like other specialized languages, historical contexts, and synonym databases.

It is easy to be off-put by how the OKIC content is not instinctively relatable, particularly to technologists and others who function as formal systems professionals. Among highly skilled logicians, computing and other systems specialists, siloing and specialization is a real and humbling hurdle of generalizable understanding and makes dealing with what is present in OKIC and more broadly representational reality quite frustrating at first blush.

While humanity benefits from siloed fields to function at high levels of specialization, those are the very barriers that must be overcome as we also recognize that humans will ultimately need to circle back around to embracing truly interdisciplinary, generalizable intelligence. Professionals such as yourselves are the ones who need to be most interested, at least to start! Technology and other advances are what will make it possible for ordinary people of all backgrounds, opinions, etc to be part of a movement towards repairing our shared reality.

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*The underlying matrix/model is protected intellectual property.